Resiliency is a mark of a true artist.
— Absyte

The ability to withstand the ups & downs of the music business while writing, arranging & composing great music, is a feat in itself. But to also hold down a different fort, capture a different moment shining as a mother, professional & business owner - takes the accomplishment of lyrical skill to a whole other level. Born on the south side of Chicago, Absyte has lived a full life. Understanding her humble beginnings in the hood, struggling to make ends meet to eventually raising a beautiful daughter, owning a successful consulting/publsuhing business while creating timeless music -


Absyte has gifts to give in her music on life, achievement, failure and the ultimate triumph. Fans of classic hip hop vibe with the modern yet retro vision Absyte puts forth. Guided by her love of God, life and the tenacity of spirit to create, Absyte has dug deep and produced a well rounded body of work surely that will move the crowd but inspire the masses.

Photographs featuring Absyte