Absyte Releases New Album - May 2018

Absolute Nsyte or better known as Absyte is releasing her 1st Studio Album called "LYFE" - This album is a reflection of Absyte's world view and understanding of the ills and successes of life.  This album combines her love for the classic vintage sound of the early days of Hip Hop with the new modern trap and alternative rap style.  Her views are her own but shed light on the places she grew up, the people that walked the streets of her old neighborhoods on the southside of Chicago and what some would say the "solutions" necessary to change our communities plight.  

Also known for her battle rap skills, Absyte infuses a good mix of battle ready lyrics to create masterful BARS respectable in any Hip Hop cypher no matter the sub-genre.  Whether you are talking Trap, Emo, Alternative or conscience rap, Absyte delivers! Her style is not for everyone, yet there is a lil something for everyone if they are ready to hear some real BARS spit and want to add substance to their daily mix of music on individual playlists.  

Be on the look out for LYFE on all social media platforms - May 2018