Time is a Gift

Time is a gift. While fleeting, it has a presence that engulfs the soul, reminding us while time is short, its reach is long. I remember when I first started rhyming, what it was like to wonder if I would ever reach the heights of some of the greats I admired. Would I ever be able to hang my hat and say I have done my best and made my best music. While I believe my best music is still within me, I know if I left tomorrow I would be very pleased with the way I have utilized my time making great music. Timeless music stands the test of time, it rides through each decade reminding us of the stark reality of its existence letting you know it is not done. I wake everyday now grateful to still have the ability to make great music, the type that doesn’t just vibrate, no the type that resonates with your soul, with where you are in your life and begs of you to listen more. As I live in my truth and look forward to the future, I thank the gifts of the past, the gifts of time for bringing me this far with hopes of many more great times to come.

Camille Mitchell